Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Velvet Salmon and Nikko

As long as I was on the Lou Reed quoting kick, I figured I'd pay homage some more with tonight's title.

A very late night at the office (telecon with the far east until 9PM) had dinner with my boss at Nikko on Rt 10 in Parsipanny. At least there's a restaurant in NJ that doesn't tick me off to no end (but the radio stations still suck).

Fuyu roll is salmon, scallion and ginger paste (didn't taste much ginger, but didn't need to either). Wonderful fish -- salmon is the world's perfect food, good cooked any way or not at all. And ooh, I should get more on Thursday, smoked at the family Yom Kippur meal. Note to readers: I'm born into the culture, but haven't a religious bone in my body -- hey I just ate pork!

Tonkatsu was crisp and hot, lots of hot mustard in the bowl of tonkatsu sauce (which has always struck me as thick Worcestershire). Miso soup was fragrant. My boss's Yose Nage looked good, but I wasn't in the mood for cooked fish.

At least (at last) I go home tomorrow.

No this won't always be about food, but between eating at restaurants while I'm traveling for business, reading Julie & Julia and watching Iron Chef... yeah, I'm a little obsessed.

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